MSN Rally Championship | Fuel
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Introducing Vital Equipment

Official Fuel Supplier to the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship

“Entering our second season with the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship, and following on from our experience gained during the 2016-17 Championship, we are looking forward to working once again with the championship organisers to make this championship the best. It is a pleasure for Vital Equipment to work with the organisers, who place such a great emphasis on the safety of refuelling. While we will again offer competitors a range of specialist carless competition fuels, we will also make available a quality Super Unleaded fuel from our pumps at an affordable rate.
The Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship in association with MSVR is going from strength to strength.
Now entering its third year the support the Championship enjoys from competitors, industry, media and marshals is rewarding.
The 2017-18 calendar is strong and retains the venues so popular with the competitors. All of us at MSVR with everyone invlolved in the championship good fortune and a safe and rewarding season.”

Changes in Regulations for Dispensing Fuel on Championship Rounds


Competitors attention is drawn to section 7 of the Championship Regulations.  You will not be able to refuel within the service area of any championship round.

Dedicated refuelling zones will be set up on each round of the Championship by Vital Equipment. This zone will consist of a self-refuel area. This area is where competitors will be able to refuel their vehicles using their own fuel brought to the event in an appropriate British Standard approved fuel container – our Championship Environmental Scrutineer will control this area.  In addition A dispensing area will be manned and dispensed by members of Vital Equipment. You will be able to purchase both Turbo Ultimate and Super Unleaded Fuels. Competitors are encouraged to use this service where possible as it is not only safer but offers a more consistent fuel.

Note – Penalties will be applied for non compliance.

How do I Pre Order my Fuel?


Simply click on the link below and you will be redirected to the Vital Equipment website where details can be found on how to order fuel specifically for Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship Events.