MSN Rally Championship | Traders
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How to Trade at an MSN Circuit Rally Championship Event?

Applications Now Open for 2019-20 Season

In order to trade at an MSN Circuit Rally Championship event you will need to obtain a) the Championship’s consent, b) the event’s consent and c) the circuit owner’s consent. Without all three you will be unable to trade. Please see the application process below. Please note that there maybe a charge.


Tyre Trading:

The Championship has a tyre Manufacturer and Supplier sponsorship arrangement  which means only Protyre will retail tyres at all events.

2019-20 Application Process

Our application process is:

  • Please complete the application form below and return to the Championship Co-ordinator.
  • The Championship Co-ordinator will then review your application to ensure all relevant info is included (note we are unable to accept incomplete applications)
  • Once the Championship Co-ordinator has approved your application, you will be put in touch with the relevant circuit operator, to agree to their terms of trade.

Please note that traders similar, or the same as Championship or Event Sponsors will be unable to trade at a Championship Events.