MSN Rally Championship | Woodhouse to make MSN Rally Champ return
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Woodhouse to make MSN Rally Champ return

2016-17 Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship title winner Ian Woodhouse makes his return to the series in Paul Sheard’s Mazda MX5 this weekend at Anglesey.

Woodhouse will take the reins of the class-B leading car for the Tilemaster Adhesives Lee Holland Stages, replacing former BTCC driver Paul O’Neil who misses the rally due to work commitments.

“I can’t wait to get back out there.”

Woodhouse, who will sit alongside Bruce Lindsey, previously won the overall title in a Ford Escort MK2 and is the current Michelin Cup champion.

Nearing a return in his old MK2, an eager Woodhouse said “I can’t wait to get back out there.”

“We were hoping to get back out there maybe even for the last few rounds just to see where we’re at and get the [Escort] bedded in a bit”

“It’s a great series and I want to launch a proper title attack again next season with the new car. It’s still in a million pieces at the moment, but the rear axle is now attached.”

“It’s been more about thinking about my Dad, having a break as we’ve moved house and then looking after the budget.”

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